Our Specialities

We prioritise customer satisfaction and are dedicated to following ethical business practices.

Structural Design

We have an in-house team of structural designers who work along with graphic designers to create products that are user friendly, offer great functionality, and the best protection for your goods.


Our delivery team is proficient in managing on-time deliveries of customized orders. They possess the flexibility and dexterity required in meeting just-in-time delivery programs that we offer our customers.


Customers can also rely on us to provide them with packaging solutions that require products to be glued and pre-assembled before delivery.


We have the requisite equipment to provide you with attractive labelling solutions from laminating both litho labels and top sheet board to single face for structures requiring high-end graphics.

POP Display

Get eye-catching retail-ready POP displays to convert potential customers by informing them about your product benefits and offers.


We ensure uniformity in all the products of your order through rotary or flatbed die cut processes which will be chosen as per the blank size and structural requirements.

List of our Packaging Machinery

List of our Lab Equipments