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We prioritise customer satisfaction and are dedicated to following ethical business practices.
About Us

Minal Packaging

Minal Packaging is a premier manufacturer and supplier of kraft/duplex corrugated boxes, sheets & liners (printed/unprinted) among others as per international standards to various industries. Known for their durability these products are a popular choice as they offer greater strength and flexibility as compared to traditional packaging materials.
As a subsidiary of WOOD PAKER (WP), the company is equally committed to the Go Green policy of its parent company and has a provisional consent order (CTE-41266). All our raw materials are procured from commercially grown plantations so as not to harm the local ecology.
Minal Packaging also gets to benefit from WOOD PAKER’s rich experience of 22 years in catering to the unique needs of different customers by offering customized solutions for their packaging needs. Our state-of-the-art-Infrastructure and Hi-Tech Machinery are backed by our highly skilled and qualified workforce who are committed to our vision of creating top quality packaging materials.
We have an in-house Quality Assurance lab where the products we manufacture undergo rigorous tests by our Quality Inspectors. All our efforts are directed at creating cost-effective, high-quality packaging products to provide you with a hassle-free transportation experience. The products we manufacture are measured across the following five parameters:


Load Bearing Capacity


Chemical Resistance

Surface Finish

Why Us

We prioritise customer satisfaction and are dedicated to following ethical business practices. Our innovative approach to packaging enables us to provide our customers with solutions customised to their unique requirements. Conformed to International Quality Standards our cost efficient production process, with a spare capacity of more than 300 tons per month, allows us to make on-time delivery of packaging solutions. You also get to benefit from the convenient payment modes we offer our customers.


Umesh Soni

Planning and Production

Yash Dhuri


Binay Mandal

Account Manager

Sumesh Behra

Quality Control


To be an excellent global supplier of choice by delivering cost-effective, versatile, and top-quality products in the fastest delivery times by harnessing creativity and technology.


To research and develop versatile products that will establish us as a reliable supplier of cost-efficient and quality packaging solutions that are manufactured through environmentally friendly processes by a well-trained workforce in a safe, hygienic, and conducive work environment.

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