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Fluted Liners : A, B,C,E and N Type

We are known as the manufacturers and suppliers of prime Corrugated Paper Rolls which are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials. This sustainable packaging solution offers packaged product safety through a cushioning effect created through the empty spaces in the outer case.
We manufacture Corrugated Paper Rolls in various sizes and they can be custom manufactured according to your specific requirements.

Corrugated Box (Printed/Unprinted)

Printed cartons are an efficient tool to promote your brand by engaging with your target audience. It can also be used to display vital bar codes, important symbols, warnings, and instructions regarding the proper handling of the cartons during transportation.
We offer visually appealing printed Boxes in different categories designed by using flowery and natural images. These boxes are made from different raw materials such as plastic moulds, paper sheets, cardboards, fiberboards, etc.
We also manufacture wooden and fibre boxes that are extremely durable and have high weight carrying capacity and are used to packing processed food items like tea and coffee.

Honeycomb/Punch Partition

Characterized by their high strength and lightweight benefits our paper honeycomb boards are manufactured in an environmentally friendly process by using recycled paper. They are 100% recyclable and are effectively used as Void Fillers, Dunnage, Separators, Spacers, and Buffers.
They are known for their separating, stabilizing, and protective features that guarantee the safe transport of almost any product without any damage. Not only are they easy to handle but also boost cost-saving and production efficiencies while conserving natural resources and complying with high levels of energy absorption needs.

Duplex Box (Printed/Unprinted)

Our highly durable White Kraft Paper Boxes made from superior grade materials are 100% recyclable. You can have these Duplex Corrugated Boxes ordered in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes as per your requirements.
These lightweight and sturdy boxes made from high-quality virgin and recycled Craft Paper come as a great packaging solution and are available as 3, 5, and 7 Ply corrugated boxes. They are versatile enough to ship and store items of all shapes and sizes in retail as well as in warehouses and are a popular choice for packing and moving operations.

Top/Bottom Boxes/Tray

We have been engaged in manufacturing a wide range of packaging products like Carton Boxes, Corrugated Carton Boxes, and trays using high-grade raw materials. Being lightweight and moisture resistant these boxes and trays are widely used in transporting finished products by many industries.

Fluted Sheets

These sheets are made from plain paper and fluted paper which increases its strength and also provides cushioning. We offer Corrugated Paper sheets ranging from 3 ply to 9 ply in A, B, C, E, N types. The cost-effective E, N, B type fluted sheets manufactured by us can ideally replace wooden crate bases and find wide applicability across various industrial applications. They are very useful in the manufacture of cardboard boxes too.